Warframe damage types: how they work, what enemy types are weak against


equipment screen for Braton Prime Warframe

Starting out in Warframe, you don’t need to fret too much about different damage types, as you can just shoot guys until they’re dead. But as time goes by, you’ll begin to face more and more difficult enemies. You’re going to have to learn how to slay them with maximum efficiency. In this guide, we will walk you through the damage types in Warframe, how it all works, and what enemy types are weak against.

Written by Dave Irwin & Taylor Cocke.

Warframe damage types guide

It’s a relatively basic concept in most games these days, but getting the most out of your gear to deal as much damage to enemies can be the difference between dancing around foes like a ninja, or ending up as a pile of scrap. In Warframe, this is especially important as the game progresses, but it’s also vital that enemies are dealt with efficiently.

As for those looking for more information about the other finer points about Warframe, as well as some more of the basics, feel free to head on back to our main Warframe guide for more details on the stuff you need to know about Digital Extreme’s loot shooter.

Preparing for Warframe missions

Before you head into a tougher mission, take a look at your mission in the Star Chart. It’ll tell you what sort of enemies to expect before you even head into the mission. Once you know, you can set up your gear to most effectively take them on. And remember, you have Loadout slots, so once you set up your gear, you won’t have to do it again.

If you’re staring down Corpus enemies, you’re going to want at least one of these these three damage types, if not all three: Impact, Magnetic, and Toxin.
If you’re facing off against the Grineer, bring Puncture, Radiation, and Toxin.
If you’re going against the Infested, then Slash, Corrosive, and Heat are your buddies.
If the Corrupted are your enemies, Corrosive and Cold will be most effective.

To make matters even more complicated, you’re going to have to take into account Status effects. Every single damage type has a corresponding effect if it manages to proc. Blast damage knocks enemies down, while Electricity can cause chain lightning to nearby enemies, for example. Certain weapons have higher Status Chance than others, so keep that in mind when you’re building out your gear.

How to deal the most damage in Warframe

Speaking most generally, certain enemy types are vulnerable to specific types of damage. When you’re Modding your weapons to be most effective against enemies, you’re going to want to focus on specific things, depending on what sort of missions you’re looking to do.

Creating damage types works kind of strangely in Warframe. To do so, you have to combine the four “primary” elemental damage types (Heat, Electricity, Cold, and Toxin) to create “secondary” elemental damage. To create Blast, you combine Heat and Cold. For Corrosive, it’s Electricity and Toxin. For Gas, it’s Heat and Toxin. For Magnetic, it’s Cold and Electricity. For Radiation, it’s Heat and Electricity. For Viral, it’s Cold and Toxin.

Combining the damage types works like this: Two primary elemental damage mods next to each other on the weapon Mod page combine. (Read our guide to Warframe mods for an intro to the topic.) So, if you’ve got a Cold damage Mod next to a Heat damage mod, it’ll create a Blast damage type. If there are a Electric and Toxin damage Mod on the page next to those two, they’ll combine for a Corrosive damage type, giving the weapon both Blast damage and Corrosive damage. If you swap the Heat and Electric mods (so that the list reads Cold, Electric, Heat, Toxin), your weapon will now deal Magnetic and Gas damage. It’s all about placement.

On top of all of that, there’s the three physical damage types: Impact, Puncture, and Slash. Physical damage types can’t be combined, but are good against specific types of enemies.

Making sure you have the right damage types ready is the most important part of late game Warframe. But also having the gear to do so can be vital. For those starting out, do be sure to look at our Warframe mods guide for some handy hints, while those looking to grab those sweet, sweet, Primes can check out our Prime Relics guide for more details.


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