Nvidia’s new Ampere GeForce graphics cards could be here as soon as April


Nvidia Titan V reveal

Nvidia’s next generation of GeForce GTX graphics cards could be here as soon as April, according to the GPU rumour mill, with their first public unveiling taking place at the company’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) next month.

That’s according to TweakTown, who spoke to a “well-placed source” in the graphics card business. We love us some well-placed sources us.

These cards would replace Nvidia’s current 10-series, which include the likes of the GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 and many others that currently dominate our best graphics cards list. However, rather than using an 11-series naming convention, TweakTown reckons we’ll see Nvidia jump up to 20 instead with the launch of the GeForce GTX 2080 and the GeForce GTX 2070 to be more precise.

Whatever they end up being called, though, the new GTX cards will allegedly use a refreshed version of Nvidia’s Ampere architecture rather than the high-end Volta architecture that’s already been deployed in high-end cards like the ludicrous Titan V (pictured above). This is meant to be even more powerful than Nvidia’s current Pascal architecture, as seen in the GTX 10-series, as well as more power efficient.

Hold on a second, I hear you cry. Wasn’t Volta meant to be Nvidia’s next GPU architecture? Yes, for a long time it appeared as though Volta would indeed be the successor to Nvidia’s consumer line-up of Pascal cards. Now, however, it looks as though it may be passed over in favour of what’s now known as Ampere, with Volta being reserved for Nvidia’s top-end cards alone.

Then again, that same well-placed source also said Nvidia will be showing off another completely new GPU architecture at GTC 2018, which would theoretically mean something different to both Volta and Ampere. Right now, the only other code name currently floating around out there is something called Turing according to Reuters, so it may be the new GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 (or indeed the GTX 1170 and GTX 1180) cards will be Turing-based after all, because it would be weird to announce a brand-new GPU architecture and then unveil a pair of cards based on something older.

Who the hell knows, basically. Still, if the rumours are to be believed, the current timeline for these GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 cards estimates a release date somewhere around late April to early May, which is pretty damn soon. Will they be subject to the current great GPU price hike crisis? Let’s hope not.

Either way, we hopefully won’t have to wait very long until we know for sure, as GTC 2018 is due to take place next month on March 26.


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